We started with an idea to connect Pharma Industry at a platform where boundaryless communications can be done. Keeping the concept of 'Simple, easy & effective communication in PHARMA’, we have travelled a few miles with the unwavering support of the Pharma Industry. We aim to organize pharma related sectors and provide end-to-end Services to the stakeholders. We believe that the future for communication is going to be digital and Pharma Industry should be an early adopter of this digital phenomenon. We are building on four pillars: Quality, Transparency, Innovation and Benchmarking and are committed to Constant Quality improvements.

A platform for Professionals working in the pharmaceuticals industry for Discussions, Jobs, News updates, Professional Profile display space & B2B connectivity. “Yes”, its PharmaState!

Vision - To become the most trusted name in pharmaceutical Industry for creating business & growth opportunities for every stakeholder.

Mission - To be the partners in the professional growth of individuals and companies in pharmaceutical industry by developing a lean and efficient system for Communications & Networking in pharma industry.

Services Offered

1.Pharma related News/SOPs/Guidelines/Updates especially the ones which are helpful in professional growth and useful in keeping updated about Pharma Industry. Articles/guidelines/SOPs which are sought by professionals are available at PharmaState Blog.

2. Integrated Job Portal - The application is having a simple and efficient job portal which will help in lowering hiring costs and simultaneously a network is created for further hiring. The unique feature of adding Video CV which can be accessed by recruiters on demand, is a way to make the hiring process simpler and lean. The unique algorithm of job portal will help in finding the right candidate for the right job. Single click job application process.

3. Business Page/B2B Networking - Pharma companies, businesses, R&D Centres, educational institutes, training and skill up gradation centres get a personalised space to showcase their work/products/courses/events among the growing pool of pharma professionals at the application.