Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who can join PharmaState?

Anyone working or related to Pharmaceuticals industry can join this platform.

Q. Is this a free platform?

Yes, we have kept the platform Free. You can join this platform without any payments & start using its basic services.

Q. Why should I complete my profile?

Your profile is your shortest introduction at this platform & it gives a glimpse of your professional career. If the profile is complete you have a good chance getting right job offer and better networking options.

Q. What is Video CV in a profile?

Video CV is an innovative way of displaying your CV in a crisp video format. Pictures & video speak better than words. So you can explain your career path, USP & future expectations in this video. It helps the recruiter to understand your profile & communication skills even before the interview takes place.

Q. How can I upload Video CV?

It’s very simple to upload video CV. Please follow following steps:

1. Create your Video CV

2. Upload this video CV at your YouTube Channel

3. Copy the video link url

4. Paste this link into PharmaState Video CV panel

5. Grab Video & Save

Q. What is Discussions & Chat?

Discussions is for posting any News update, Queries, Job postings, Issues or any requirement related to Pharmaceuticals industry. You have choice of target population here. You can share an update with your followers, any specific individual & with all colleagues/peers in a particular speciality. For example if you want to share a post with all people who have their interest in Diabetology speciality, you can simply select Diabetology as speciality and post it into discussion.

Chat is to get connected one to one. With this feature, be connected with all colleagues 24x7.

Q. How can I get connected to others?

You can search peers by name, city, company, speciality. You can directly start a chat or start following the profile. This is how your network will grow. Whenever a person follows you, notification will be there regarding this. Also, you will get access to the posts in discussion, posted by the person you are following.

Q. What is followers & followings?

Followers are the peers who are interested in you for professional networking & that’s why they start following you. Discussions posted by you will be seen by them & followers can respond to that by comment, Like or share.

Followings are the peers whom you want to follow to increase your network base. As you click follow at a profile, that person gets added to your network of followings & now you will be able to see discussions posted by the person whom you started following.

Q. Where will I see the job postings?

Job postings will appear in the notification panel and will be as per your selected speciality of interest. Soon, we are coming with a dedicated job portal panel in the app itself.

Q. How can I post a job opening here?

Just create a discussion post, mention all details, attach image (if any) & post to the target audience by selecting followers, individual or speciality. For discussion post, you can only choose those specialities which you have added into your profile as Interest areas.

Q. What is company page? What’s the benefit of creating it?

If you are the authorized representative, owner, delegate or proprietor of any company or organization related to pharmaceutical industry or healthcare sector then create your own page at the PharmaState app. After creating it, you can showcase your Services & Offerings at the app. It’s a great way of connecting to pharmaceutical industry professionals which can further lead to growth of your business.

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